Mio on the Down-Lo: But Is It Art?


Since the beginning of February, the GOOGLE ART PROJECT has been your free ticket to 17 of the world's greatest art insitutions, letting you virtually stroll the halls using Google's Streetview technology. But it has, not suprisingly, met with a chorus of disapproval from art purists. What do you think? Is this the future of art appreciation? Are art galleries an endangered species like real-paper books have become since the dawn of the e-reader? Lemme know...and click through for more of the web...

My recommends this week are musical in nature except for this short piece about a bowling video game that players control by...er...MAKING OUT.

Okayyy...now for the music:

Thom Yorke's vibey dance to Radiohead's new single Lotus Flower might be better suited to Beyonce's SINGLE LADIES.  

DJ's Duck Sauce made a splash last fall with their ode to Barbra Streisand. Now you can insert your name to make it your very own vanity project at GO BARBRA.

I don't know if this is a great doc, as far as documentaries go, but I couldn't stop watching the now-online loudQUIETloud about the Pixies 2004 reunion tour.

And this...this is the KING'S SPEECH RAP...it's "Stammer Time"... 




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