Mio on the Down-Lo: White People Rapping Poorly


Please keep in mind that I am half-white so I'm allowed to introduce you to WHITE PEOPLE RAPPING POORLY. You might not thank me though after checking out the cringeworthy flow that these peeps spit. What do you think? Is it time to  let up on the white people? Or is this becoming one of the Internet's favourite pastimes? They're getting it from all corners - I'm thinking of sites like "Stuff White People Like" and "People of Walmart" (PoW also features the non-white clientele at Walmart but it's mainly whites). Lemme know...more links after the jump...

For those of you who like to rant, here's a new way to do it. Add your anonymous beefs to complete the sentence that starts: YOU DON'T DESERVE.

Interactive Youtube vid pioneers Chad, Matt and Rib are back with a TREASURE HUNT.

Peter Klaven and Sydney Fife, the dudes from I Love You, Man, are back to SLAP A LITTLE BASS with the dudes from Rush.

This baby is a really good AIR DRUMMER.

And...if you are a little behind on the Egyptian situation check out RAIDERS OF THE LOST MUBARAK for a little context.

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