Mio on the Down-Lo: Let Go Of My Lego

mioheadshot[1].jpgI can't tell if I should be freaked out by the obsessive "Adult Fans of Lego" in Jess Gibson's compelling web documentary, AFOL: A BLOCUMENTARY, or if I should just gape in awe at their insane creations? Probably a bit of both...your thoughts? More after the jump...

After Charlie Sheen's latest kerfuffle in a New York hotel, the Rent is too Damn High guy has started a new political organization: the CHARLIE SHEEN IS TOO DAMN HIGH party.

Speaking of high, Hamilton Morris, son of famed documentarian Errol Morris, has a series on VBS.TV called Pharmacopeia, in which he travels the world in search of exotic highs. His latest "trip", to Haiti, focuses on the country's zombie, or NZAMBI, lore.

British actors Steve Coogan and Rob Bryden both think THIS IS HOW MICHAEL CAINE SPEAKS.

Photo blog BREAD PEOPLE re-imagines the famous as doughy creatures.

I wonder if you can lose as much weight on the "Jos. Louis diet" as this professor did on the TWINKIE DIET.

Ahhhhh, the secret of the NEVER-DECAYING MCDONALDS BURGER has been scientifically demystified. It has something to do with the size of the smaller patty dehydrating quickly enough that mould can't form, creating a mummified burger.

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