Sir Bob Geldof on Q UNCUT


AP Photo/Sang Tan

It was BBC reporter Michael Buerk presenting a story on the Ethopian famine in October 1984. No one could have predicted the effect of that single report:  that the Irish lead singer of a band called, "The Boomtown Rats" would see it on TV and start enlisting a "Who's Who" of British pop stars to record what would become a seminal moment in the African relief effort.

Almost 26 years ago today - November 25th, 1984 - "Do They Know It's Christmas" was recorded in London, England. And the rest is history...5 weeks at number became the biggest single on the UK chart ever. Soon after, America followed with "USA for Africa" and Canada's very own, "Northern Lights" with "Tears Are Not Enough".

In 2005, Geldof was part of "Live 8", a concert aimed at G8 leaders as part of the "Make Poverty History" campaign, petitioning them to double the aid to poor nations from $25 to $50 billion 2010. Well, here we are, it's 2010 - in many ways this is a watershed year.

So last Sunday humanitarian activist, musician, and Nobel Peace Prize nominee....Sir Bob Geldof stopped by Studio Q for a chat where he criticizes media coverage of Africa, excoriates a world leader or two, takes Stephen Lewis to task, and reflects on living with loss. Here is Jian Ghomeshi's 63-minute uncut interview with Sir Bob Geldof.

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