Mio on the Down-Lo: You Should Be Dancing Yeah


Calling all fellow university dropouts...would you have stuck around if you'd been given the opportunity to dance for your degree? The 45 Ph.D. candidates who entered SCIENCEMAG.ORG's competition still have to finish their dissertations but the prize money might help with the student loans.

Big up your Canadian scientists who have made the FINAL FOUR then click through for a more unscientific web experience:

The new web series STATUS KILL imagines what it would be like if your online and your offline worlds get blurred.

Fans of chiptunes and 8 bit audio will get down to the BIT-52S.

Remix or mash-up is a popular web 2.0 concept but filmmaker Kirby Ferguson argues persuasively that EVERYTHING IS A REMIX. And he starts with Led Zeppelin.

Syndicated sex columnist Dan Savage has started a Youtube video project called IT GETS BETTER intended for marginalized gay youth who need to know that they have a rosier future.

Danny Devito is GANDHI.

This homemade homage to TRANSFORMERS is pretty cool.

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