Mio on the Down-Lo: I think you're pretty awesome


I'm going to lift this week's "pressing" cyber question directly from the week's DL-approved site: "How great would you feel if a real person called you every day to tell you, 'You're Awesome!'?" Well, sign up at AWESOMENESS REMINDERS and find out...or, better yet, does someone you know deserve a little karmic present, like 90% of the 870-and-quickly-growing subscribers have received. Is it that important to receive an external daily affirmation of our greatness? Or should we be able to nurture that inner child ourselves? Lemme know...and click through for some other awesome picks...

From the guys who originally brought you that human Tetris vid, here is their latest rendition, of PAC MAN ...gobble, gobble, gobble.

While the tech world debated the censorious aspects of Google Instant and the videastes tried to set it VIRAL a guy created YOUTUBE INSTANT and was offered a job by Youtube founder Chad Hurley.

Don't try this at home on your BICYCLE. ACT DA FOOL is a haunting movie made by director Harmony Korine (Kids) for clothing line Proenza Schouler.

Aw come on, dining alone isn't as lonely as TABLE FOR ONE makes it out to be...I nosh entre-moi all the time, more food for me...

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