Mio on the Down-Lo: Is the Web Really Dead?


This month's Wired Magazine cover story posits that THE WEB IS DEAD. They say that the wide-open-worldwide-web is in serious decline as the popularity of more and more apps and closed platforms like Facebook, Skype etc mean we aren't roaming the intertubes with the same nomadic abandon as before...have a read and lemme know...what do you think?

As for the return of the DL, we are still combing the open web for time wasters and time savers. This week, I came across STEREOMOOD, an Italian site that bills itself as "emotional internet radio, providing music that best suits your mood and your activities." Music recommendation sites have left me a little less-than-impressed (think Pandora) but the quality of music on offer here, set to whatever mood you happen to be in, is something that works for those who haven't compiled an obsessive playlist of their own...what do you listen to when happy, sad or - the thing I'm most fascinated by--what is your number one bedroom groove? Lemme know...and more after the jump...

Forgive if you've heard of these but I'm playing a little end-of-summer catch-up here:

Have you ever wondered what, or rather, who, you write like? Punch something into I WRITE LIKE and find out which "famous" scribe, or blogger, your writing most resembles.

Getting bored of your yoga routine (snort)? Give your spiritual practice an intergalactic bent with STAR WARS YOGA.

DOUBLE RAINBOW was one of the summer's hottest viral hits but have you seen the new-ish web series RAINBOW CHASERS?
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