The Q Contest: What would you like to see on Canadian TV?

gordon-dolphin.JPGToday's Q debate took on the state of Canadian TV, and -- bluntly put -- whether or not it's any good. So, we're calling all you arm-chair critics, secret TV-concept geniuses and disgruntled TV watchers to enter this week's Q Contest, right here on the Q blog.
Post your best pitch for a new Canadian TV show... in 25 words or less. (Maybe a show about talking dolphins in the Vancouver aquarium? Gordon Pinsent in Three's Company-style sitcom? Pitch away!) We'll award points for humour, and catchy show titles. The best pitch will win a small swag collection, and the admiration of the nation. Pitch now, and pitch often!
Friday update: The winner has now been announced! The contest is closed, but feel free to keep posting! And thank you for all the wonderful entries!
Note, this is a blog-only contest. So tweet at us, e-mail us, but post your *contest entries* right here on the blog. The winner will be announced on Friday's show, so get your entries in soon!
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