Mio on the Down-Lo: I Soluto You


Last week, I gave all the Macs out there CUPIDTINOThis week I give all you PCs SOLUTO.  While it won't improve your dating life, it will help you speed up the amount of time it takes that sluggish piece of computer to boot up.  It does so by analyzing your boot time and recommending which apps to pause, delay or just kick off your software island.  The tribe has spoken... this is on my laptop as we speak...more mad linkage after click...and have a good summer, see you on the DL this fall... 

After being evicted, two roommates make a stupid bet -- to see who can survive the longest in New York without a permanent address -- in the new web series called SQUATTERS.  


As if you didn't have enough worry and sadness, here is the DICTIONARY OF OBSCURE SORROWS.


Wanna mess with your cat's mind? Go to MEOWMANIA and start clicking the screen. Your cat and perhaps others will come running.


 The "Auto-Tune the News" guys are back with a little KICK ASS OBAMA.  


If you have an iPad and you're looking for a keypad for it...and you don't mind dropping a little more dough (which you probably have because you can afford an iPad)...then check out the USB TYPEWRITER. Or just check it out because it's cool looking. 


The effect of Facebook on modern relationships is sent (sended?) up in this FB RELATIONSHIP MASHUP.  



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