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Greetings you stylish bunch,

This week on Q: The Interviews, we bring you style... with a whole lot of substance.Many of our guests are noteworthy because of the distinct styles they develop throughout their careers.

But style is an odd duck. It can confine the careers of otherwise great creative forces by pigeonholing them for their strengths. It can also define their bodies of work, and inspire others to draw influence.

The two classic interviews we bring you this week certainly fall into the latter field.

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CP Photo / Tobin GrimshawFirst, we explore the creative partnership of Winnipeg filmmaker Guy Maddin, and Italian actress Isabella Rossellini. Maddin's films, like The Saddest Music in the World, Brand Upon the Brain and My Winnipeg all share a style that's both primitive and surreal, punctuated by melodrama. And it's a good fit for Rossellini, who came to prominence as a model and actress for her overt, romantic portrayals. She starred in Maddin's The Saddest Music in the World in 2003, and the duo re-united in 2008 when Rossellini provided live narration for Maddin's silent film Brand Upon the Brain in a special exhibition. In February 2008, Jian spoke to the pair about this project. Take a listen, here.

Ornette Coleman.jpgSecond up this week is our conversation with American jazz legend Ornette Coleman. As a pioneer of "free jazz", characterized by breaking traditional jazz tempos and chord changes, and highlighting improvisation, Coleman didn't just etch a personal style, but helped form a collective one used by many musicians today. His career has spanned more than 50 years, during which his style has been distinguished with honours like a Pulitzer Prize for music and a lifetime achievement Grammy Award. In February 2008, Jian reflected on Coleman's storied, always innovative career. Hear their chat, here.

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