New Podcast "Q: The Interviews"

polleyallen.jpgToday, we're excited to debut a brand new podcast called Q: The Interviews.

Over the years Q has been on the air, we've had the pleasure of featuring some of the most important, influential and interesting people in the realms of art, culture and entertainment: from legends like Leonard Cohen and Barbara Walters, to trailblazers like Xavier Dolan and K'Naan. The podcast will feature two classic interviews each week, available to download for free every Monday.

First up this week: Sarah Polley & Woody Allen.  Click through to learn more.

We revisit our conversation with Toronto actress/director Sarah Polley from January 2008. She got her start on the small screen in Road to Avonlea , and developed her craft in big screen forays like Exotica, The Sweet Hereafter and Dawn of the Dead. At the time she sat down with Jian, her directorial debut "Away From Her" was drawing big buzz, including an Academy Award nomination. Take a listen, here

Sticking with film this week, our second highlight is maverick American auteur, Woody Allen. His illustrious half-century career has produced legendary films steeped in comic philosophy and throwbacks to classic cinema. Rarely a year goes by without a new offering from Woody...The 1960s brought us What's Up Tiger Lily?, Annie Hall defined the 70s, Hannah and Her Sisters and Bullets over Broadway showed Woody's staying power in the 80s and 90s, and the 00's Match Point reflected his new contemporary direction. In January 2008, Jian had the chance to reflect on Woody's career with him. Check out that chat, here

You can download Q: The Interviews directly from the Q website, or subscribe in iTunes to listen on the go.

We hope you enjoy this new weekly blast from the past! Let us know what you think of Q: The Interviews here on the Q blog, e-mail us at, and talk to us on Twitter @CBCRadioQ.

- Q Producer Brian

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