Mio on the Down-Lo: Shaved Bieber

mioheadshot[1].jpgAre you a member of the emerging Bieber resistance? If so, check out the SHAVED BIEBER extension for your Mozilla Firefox browser (it only works in Firefox), courtesy of the creative folks at Free Art and Technology. To add the automatic option, open (not save) the XPI file using Firefox or just right click and add as a bookmark for the manual version. Once installed, go to any website and Shaved Bieber blacks out any every gratuitous or non-gratuitous Bieber mention or pictures. It's like Communism-era censorship...more after the jump... 

Funkadelic legend Bootsy Collins has launched a FUNK UNIVERSITY for aspiring bassists. Classes start in July. 

The guys at Derrick Comedy have created a new social network called GINK.

Web pranksters Improv Everywhere have recreated the opening scene of GHOSTBUSTERS in the original New York library where it was set.

IDLE KEYBOARD is the perfect decoy for time-wasting adventures. It taps out a computer keyboard sound while you avoid work. Your co-workers will think you're hard at it.

ANIMATED ALBUMS brings iconic album covers to life.

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