Newsweek's gay actor debate

Newsweek's Ramin Setoodeh recently wrote that it's rare for a gay actor to pull off playing a straight character. In his article titled "Straight Jacket," he criticizes both Sean Hayes's performance in the Broadway production of "Promises, Promises" -- which he calls the "big pink elephant in the room" -- and Jonathan Groff's role on the TV show Glee as two examples of openly gay men he thinks fail to make convincing straight characters. What do you think? Did Ramin Setoodeh send a false and damaging message about gay actors, suggesting that there are limits to what they can play? Or, was he just sharing his opinion, pointing out that one's sexual identity -- like any aspect of one's identity -- can hinder an actor's range? Is it ever okay to chalk up a gay actor's poor performance in a straight role to his or her homosexuality?

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