Mio on the Down-Lo: Remember Me?


Lifelong friendships are seen through an amnesiac lens after his buddies whack a guy on the head in a homemade wrestling ring in the new web series called REMEMBER WHEN. If you closely follow the blog, you'll remember I posted its debut, but it's so good I needed to let Jian know, yo. Another good show, this one about unwanted resurrected friendships from the past, is OLD FRIENDS. Do you enjoy meeting old friends on Facebook or would you rather they didn't bother you?

More friendly stuff after the jump...

Earlier this year, the NFB posted the full Donald Brittain/Don Owen documentary LADIES AND GENTLEMEN...MR.LEONARD COHEN to their Youtube account.

The Downfall/Hitler parody meme, featuring many humorous re-subtitlings of an original scene from the movie, was yanked from the Youtube due to copyright infringement a while ago. But web funny guy BRANDON HARDESTY has posted a pitch perfect rendition.

Wanna know what you lwill ook like IN 20 YEARS? Now's your chance...

This is hopefully the last Lady Gaga tribute vid I'm gonna post. But it was too tempting to show you this version of TELEPHONE as performed by the folks at U.S. public radio station NPR. Who should star in the Can-con version? And why isn't there one?

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