Q Screenboy Jesse Wente's TOP FIVE HOLLYWOOD FAMILIES: Lynn Redgrave

jwheadshot[1].jpg One of the acting profession's legendary families lost another member this week, with the death of Lynn Redgrave. She was 67, and had been predeceased by both her actor brother and actress niece in the past year. The Redgrave family reaches back to the golden age of the movies and theatre, and are among the few "Royal Families" of show business. Q Screenboy Jesse Wente takes a look at Hollywood dynasties -- and ranks the top five. Which family would top your list?


1/ The Barrymores - often simply referred to as the "Royal Family" of show business, the Barrymores stretch back more than one hundred years and are still very much a presence in modern Hollywood because of Drew

2/ The Redgraves - acting's other Royal Family, the Redgrave's have produced generations of terrific actors

3/ The Hustons - the born in Canada Walter Huston, who earned four Oscar nominations (he won once), was followed by his son, the legendary director John, and then his grandchildren, actors Anjelica Huston and Danny Huston

4/ The Fondas - from Henry to Peter and to Jane, few Hollywood dynasties have been so cool

5/ The Coppolas - Francis Ford is the most famous, but his mother was an actor, his father a musician and composer, his sister Talia Shire starred in all the Godfather's as well as some movies named Rocky, and the family is still a big player thanks to daughter Sofia and nephew Nicolas Cage

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