Mio on the Down-Lo: The Web On Your TV

Mio Adilman

Before the historic launch of the TV version on Showcase this Friday, check out the humble web series beginnings of PURE PWNAGE then lemme know what you think of its transition from the 'net to 'toob. Can web series successfully make the jump to the small screen from the even smaller screen?

Viral video mania after the jump...

This was an overly busy week for vids so sit back and enjoy but before you do, send someone you love/hate a BIG ASS MESSAGE.

Jay Z's Empire State of Mind has spawned many spoofs but this one will put you in a NEW DORK STATE OF MIND.


Did you know that Precious star Gabourey Sidibe's mother ALICE TAN RIDLEY is a fantastic singer...and that she sings in New York City subway stations?

For an unusually long viral vid and a spoof on a Canadian treasure, check out HOT TEENS GO WILD ON DEGRASSI PT 2.

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