Mio on the Down-Lo: In 3D So Put Yo Glasses On

Mio Adilman

For those of you suffering from a little POST AVATAR DEPRESSION (is that really a legit condition?) take refuge in the three dimensional corners of the internet. Search Youtube videos tagged with "yt3d:enable=true", order some free glasses from the NFB'S 3D SECTION or click through for a bunch of my hand-picked selections (plus some regular 2D links too).

In order to watch these, you will need a pair of those red and blue or green and blue old-school 3D glasses. The new ones being handed out at theatres don't seem to work with the stereoscopic stuff on the web.

The National Film Board (NFB) has been garnering attention for its online screening room and they recently added a few 3D films. DRUX FLUX is my favourite so far.

Web compression can mean varied quality when it comes to online 3D. Vimeo has the best stuff, in my opinion. Check out: RE ENTRY, THE ALLEY, MINIATURWUNDERLAND and PHILADELPHIA'S MAGIC GARDENS.

Youtube is a little hit and miss but with thousands of offerings you can find some gems like this guy dancing to MICHAEL JACKSON'S BAD and a trip up to HONG KONG'S VICTORIA PEAK.

More DL:

The guy who gave me my 3D Ray-Ban sunglasses today, my friend Howard Pressburger, is a Toronto-based actor and, now, a blogger who shares funny little snippets from his day job at a HOME HARDWARE.

Spreaking of the movie about blue creatures, Youtube user RedLetterMedia has weighed in with a NEGATIVE REVIEW OF AVATAR. This is the same guy who once posted a 70-minute review of Stars Wars: The Phantom Menace.

Do a little noodling with the THE VIRTUAL PIANO.

Aaah...the much maligned "hipster" has taken his/her fair share of online ridicule and the trend continues with the new photo blog HIPSTERS HAVE TO PEE.

Charlie Brooker presents the satirical HOW TO REPORT THE NEWS.

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