Mio on the Down-Lo: I am soooo happy to meet you

Mio Adilman

One of the guys, Paul Sak, behind the SARCMARK tells me there is a punctuation mark for sarcasm in Ethiopian and a rarely used one for irony in French. So why not one for the English language? He also thinks that sarcasm is less anti-social than in previous generations, more on the humourous side now, but a regular happy face just doesn't do it justice. Talk to me...unsarcastically...are you pro or con sarcasm? Waddya think about the need for something like Sarcmark (which costs $1.99 by the way)?

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Web video funnymen Rhett and Link have turned their attention to subversive ads for small U.S. businesses. I LOVE LOCAL COMMERCIALS takes the local TV ad and turns it on its head.

Unsurprisingly, the most mentioned body part in rap music is the butt. For most other genres, it's the eyes. Check out men and women's relationships to their bodies in this thought provoking meditation called the FLESH MAP.

I caught a little gender flack for suggesting the Crying Wife a couple weeks back. Therefore, I would like to balance the scales with the SLEEP TALKIN MAN. An English woman posts the bizarre nocturnal ramblings of her sleep mumbling husband.

This is my idea of good schooling: PS 22 DOES JAY Z.

To the late night wars: American Idol's PANTS ON THE GROUND is probably 2010's first bona fide viral meme and JIMMY FALLON GETS IN ON THE LAUGHS.

And, Jimmy Kimmel did his best LENO IMPRESSION last week but nothing can compare with Chris Elliott's imitation of years past: CHRIS ELLIOTT ON LETTERMAN.

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