Mio on the Down-Lo: Heeeeeeeeere's Carey...Wass

Mio Adilman

Forget Jay and Conan, here's Carey Wass. He's the host of LATE NIGHT IN THE BEDROOM, a Toronto-based talk show about the local arts (visual art, dance, theatre, music) scene. Created by emerging artists at the art collective, Whippersnapper Gallery, this should serve as inspiration for artists everywhere who want to promote their work and respective scenes. And if you know of similar shows in other Canadian cities...for gawd's sake! Lemme know...

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ARTS STARS isn't a talk show but it is about local art. Hosted by Nadja Sayej, it's an engaging out-in-the-city art tour of Toronto served up in bite sized portions with an edge.

From the Canadian web series capital, Vancouver, comes another offering. MENTAL BEAST is a comedy that takes place in a struggling radio station. Besides a pretty rad soundtrack that features a lot of local indie and punk bands, the show is being lauded for marrying video (the show) with audio (excerpts from a fictional radio program). I might come back to this on the DL sometime soon.

Talk about a culture clash. In order to promote his new film Youth in Revolt, actor Michael Cera volunteers for a JERSEY SHORE MAKEOVER.

Turn it up to 11 for the DEATH METAL ROOSTER.

The B list celebrity traffic accident that is Kirstie Alley, erm, expands with the recent launch of PHITTER, a Twitter-style community for people trying to lose weight. Worth checking out, my feelings about Kirstie aside.

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