Mio on the Down-Lo: I'm Getting A Little Emo Over Here

Mio Adilman

Sure...I can understand when the taps start flowing during acknowledged tear jerkers like Titanic, Diving Bell and the Butterfly...even the recent animated flick Up. But Star Wars? Really? Back to the Future...2?! Even these less-than-emotional movies have a cathartic effect on the CRYING WIFE.

Can you please tell me, what is up with that? Know anyone who does this too? Which films make you misty? Holla at ya boy...(more after the click).

If you are experiencing a slow 2010 start, look to this NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION GENERATOR to jumpstart your life.

Word geeks will rally around this list of the 10 WORDS YOU NEED TO STOP MISPELLING.

This mash-up, dubbed NIRGAGA, combines one of my favourite bands, Nirvana, with one of my least favourite acts, Lady Gaga. And the result is surprising.

I just caught Werner Herzog's Bad Lieutenant and thought Nic Cage's performance was a little uneven. Not as versatile as he appears in this funny new photoshopping blog called NICOLAS CAGE AS EVERYONE. I love the one of him as Bluto from Animal House.

If Robert Downey Jr.'s turn as Sherlock Holmes leaves you missing the old-school version, BABELGUM has posted several movies starring Basil Rathbone, the actor many think was the best Sherlock.

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