Jesse Wente Maybe you've heard about this new film called Avatar? By a guy named James Cameron? On Friday the Canadian director returns to movie theatres with his first film since he crowned himself "king of the world" with "Titanic" in 1997. The buzz on this film has almost become deafening. So behold, Q Screenboy Jesse Wente's best of a decade of buzzing. Are there other films you would have included?


1/ The Dark Knight - no film was talked about more before its release than this classic superhero movie. Its comic book source, and cast of characters would have made it buzz worthy to begin with, but the death of star Heath Ledger elevated the buzz to a new pitch. It lived up to the buzz, and is one of the defining films of the past ten years.

2/ Star Wars prequels - these officially began in 1999, but Episodes 2 and 3 were this decade. A franchise that helped spawn modern marketing buzz generated huge waves when it returned to the screen. Despite box office success, these soul sucking films left me depressed for months. Way over buzzed.

3/ Napoleon Dynamite - a classic old school buzz movie that might have disappeared forever if it hadn't been embraced by the internet, and became a cultural phenomenon. Buzz worthy.

4/ The Harry Potter movies - the buzz was so huge on these films because of the books that the young stars were famous long before the first film ever bowed. Puts Twilight frenzy into perspective, and have largely lived up to the excellent source material. Buzz worthy.

5/ Snakes on a Plane - a movie made because the buzz about its title was so intense. Buzz even made script changes. The movie, was awful. Buzz bomb.

6/ Little Miss Sunshine - a small movie that became huge after opening at the Sundance Film Festival, it went on to cement a certain style of American indie that movies have been chasing ever since.

7/ Juno - another small movie that road its buzz to huge box office and Oscar nominations. Made stars of its actors, screenwriter and director. Baby buzz.

8/ Gigli - the buzz cast this as one of the worst movies ever before anyone ever saw it. And then people saw it. Lived up to the buzz, but in the worst way possible.

9/ Lord of the Rings Trilogy - again, the source material, cost, and style of production had the industry buzzing long before the first film opened. Buzz worthy.

10/ Super Size Me - a classic example of Sundnace buzz, this documentary, with an interesting premise, if not an interesting result, rode the fest buzz to huge success. Sort of buzz worthy.

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