Mio on the Down-Lo: The Secret...Life

Mio Adilman

What do you think of my hypothesis? Our growing lack of privacy, due in part to the Internet, is behind the sentiment expressed in TV shows like Dexter, Breaking Bad, Weeds where otherwise mundane people lead fascinating, double lives. On the other hand, while we crave a 'secret self' we are also seduced by the voyeuristic side of the web, thus continuing the cycle. These themes intersect in the new web thriller series COMPULSIONS. But, warning, there's the odd gory scene, so it's not for the squeamish or for the young children.

The famous people are on Twitter, we know that, but have you heard Sean Kingston's TWITTER SONG?

BEATLES 3000 considers the confused legacy of the Beatles 1000 years in the future. Let's just say Ringo's out and basketballer Scottie Pippen is in.

Some guy (Rob from Mexico) has traveled to a remote area somewhere in Spain and is camping next to a phone booth waiting for you to call him. I haven't taken part in the PHONE BOX EXPERIMENT but if you do call, please please let me know how it goes.

Starting with a series on culture shock, PICTORY is a curated, user-generated site of beautiful images on a theme with story-behind-the-picture-text thrown in by the photographer.

The iconic video game Tetris is a well established Internet meme and this video, TETRIS GOD, is a worthy addition to the oeuvre.

I sometimes forget they exist in this digital age but here, according to Pitchfork, are the WORST ALBUM COVERS OF 2009.

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