Mio on the Down-Lo: Rubber Ducky vs C is for Cookie

Mio Adilman

When I was a kid, Cookie Monster gave me a signed photograph so my VOTE FOR BEST SESAME STREET SEGMENT from the past four decades goes to "C is for Cookie" if it makes the shortlist for next week's slate of choices from the '70s.

Check out the already-posted videos from the 2000s, '90s and '80s, rack your brain for gems from the '70s and lemme know what you think is best...

STORY BEFORE BED is a new offering for parents-away-on-business or out-of-town grandparents to keep in touch with the l'il ones by reading them bedtime stories via web video. Junior gets to read along with the on-screen book while he/she sees and hears you read.

The rest:

Christopher Walken has always kept his hand in the pop culture cookie jar with random viral snacks. His latest is an actorly reading of the lyrics from pop star Lady Gaga's, cough, classic POKER FACE.

Apparently, Canadian rockers Nickelback are the frequent victims of false Wikipedia entries besmirching their, ahem, great contributions to the hard rock canon. College Humor has collected many of the libelous posts and presented them in this NICKELBACK WIKIPEDIA VIDEO.

U.S. public radio station NPR seems to be taking a page from Mr. Ghomeshi's erstwhile CBC Radio 50 Tracks series and holding a vote for the 50 GREATEST VOICES in popular music. They have already whittled the list to 100 but you can vote for the top 50 that will be announced next year.

PUT THIS ON is a promising, brand-new web doc series about clothes and the passionate people who make them. The first episode is about denim, blue jeans. Try it on for size...

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