Mio on the Down-Lo: The Boy in the Balloon

Mio Adilman

The balloon was empty. But Ballon Boy sure filled up the Internet, and quickly. Is it a meme? Or just a passing
bli(m)p? Decide for yourself by reviewing how the uneventful saga played out online at KNOW YOUR MEME. If the page is a little wonky, as it seems to be this morning, just go to Know Your Meme's HOME PAGE.

Many many big tings after the click...

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to help MICK JAGGER BUY TOYS for his kids?

Speaking of Jagger, you can read some of his old correspondence (and that of many other well-knowns) at LETTERS OF NOTE.

If you have heard tell of Google Wave but aren't quite sure what it is (I'm still a little unclear myself) see how it can be used as set to dialogue from PULP FICTION and GOOD WILL HUNTING.

Still on the cinematic tip, actor Natalie Portman is behind this behind-the-scenes look at movies called MAKING OF. I loved watching the COEN BROTHERS at work on their latest movie A SERIOUS MAN.

This is a little corp-o but Vice Magazine has set up a neat exploration of electronic culture for compter company Dell called MOTHERBOARD. Check out Moby's drum maching collection.

You might not thank me for this but who knows, maybe you'll like the MCNUGGETINI.

And then...there's this awesome video of JAPANESE DUDES RUNNING IN SLO MO.

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