Mio on the Down-Lo: Sleep Running and Other GOOD Inventions

Mio Adilman

So maybe these INVENTIONS from GOOD Magazine are a little far fetched but isn't that how all world-changing ideas seem at first? I think the real goal of posting these outlandish concepts is to inspire a collective brainstorm, stimulate thought and new ideas that will hopefully find a more realistic application.

Which one makes you go hmmmmm? And what's your invention to make life better?

The extra links after the jump will definitely make your life better...or at least seem that way...

BBC Radio 6 recently conducted this multi track analysis of a few iconic BEATLES SONGS.

Comedian Sarah Silverman has come up with a solution to world hunger. It has to do with, gasp, SELLING THE VATICAN. While the 'bit' is meant in good humour, I do not recommend reading the anti-religious comments in the viewer feedback section. Comment threads can really suck sometimes.

SPARHUSEN is the Swedish answer to Spinal Tap. Look for Keanu Reeves as the band's manager.

Best selling food author Michael Pollan asked for, and received, thousands of eating dos and donts from New York Times readers. Here are his 20 favourite RULES FOR EATING. The first one kills me.

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