Mio on the Down-Lo: Walking on the Moon

Mio Adilman

MJ might be remembered (and rightly so) for his music but there's people moonwalking in his memory all over the internet. ETERNAL MOONWALK reached 114 metres before closing their call for backward-dance submissions. But the guy at MOONWALK FOREVER says he's still taking your moonwalking videos and will add more on the weekend. SO...I sent him mine and you can see it after the jump...(it's more like a moon hobble...)

I know...that's brutal but with a little practice and some help from this POPULAR MOONWALKING TUTORIAL I promise to improve my lunar glide. In the meantime, check out these unrelated viral vids/sites:

APPLE STORE LOVE SONG needs no explanation save for it's awesome.

I'm not sure why this LIP DUB of "I Gotta Feeling" by the Black Eyed Peas went viral or why it was featured on CNN given that it is just like any other but I include it here because it was made by the students at Universite de Quebec a Montreal.

The Washington Post takes a shot at Twitter by dramatizing the inane TWITS (not tweets) of celebrity micro bloggers.

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