Mio on the Down-Lo: Madness

Mio Adilman

If you want to audition or just check out all the wannabe Don Drapers, Joan Holloways and Jimmy Barretts go to AMC'S MAD MEN CONTEST. You'll have to provide a US address to participate. My entry (plus other links) is embedded after the jump...cough...cough...cough...

The recent Kanye West MTV VMA freakout on Taylor Swift has become a monster meme and now you can have Mr. West object to any website you like. Here, KANYE TAKES EXCEPTION to Q's home page. Go to KANYELICIOUS to prank other websites.

Celeb Twitter action is nothing new so maybe we should have expected the launch of HOMER SIMPSON'S TWITTER PAGE.

Q producer Kathryn Borel has just published a memoir called Corked about a wine trip she took with her father through Europe and has posted a couple wine-related videos to the internets. Here she uncorks a CHAMPAGNE BOTTLE WITH JUST A KITCHEN KNIFE.

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