Mio on the Down-Lo: I'm Gonna Pencil You In

Mio Adilman

Okay!! I know...it's not like WHEN IS GOOD is totally groundbreaking but, if you are like me and are trying to cut down on date-making emails then try this thing out. It is way more collaborative than a site like Evite and more for hangouts or meetings that don't have to happen at a specific time, and that are subject to a bunch of peoples' availability. The extra feature for me is that I don't have to create an account in order to use it.

Sometimes I just need to break down some practical-stylez DL but you might want to kick back a little more with the links after the jump...

PILOT SEASON, the critically lauded but short-lived 2004 TV show starring a lesser famous Sarah Silverman, Isla Fisher and David Cross (he was probably just as famous then) about actors trying to make it in Hollywood has found a second home, and a much longer run of 30 episodes, as a web series over at My Damn Channel. Check it...

For something a little less involved, watch this animated re-enactment of the SUBPRIME meltdown.

The Grey Album, a mash-up of Jay-Z's Black Album and The Beatles' White Album, catapulted DJ Danger Mouse to fame. New York DJ Minty Fresh Beats is looking for the same love with his recent JAYDIOHEAD, a series of mash-ups featuring Jay-Z and Radiohead. Whatever you think of his DJing you have to give it up for the name Minty Fresh Beats. That is FRESH!

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