Jesse Wente Last month we said goodbye to Battlestar Galactica, last week we saw ER go flat-line, soon Corner Gas closes. Q's Screenboy Jesse Wente offers his latest top ten - best series finales ever.


1/ Newhart - ingenious ending to a funny series that went on about one and half seasons too long - still the best ending to any sitcom ever

2/ The Prisoner - a brilliant twist ends one of the greatest shows ever - an ending that makes you reconsider the entire series - Lost, are you paying attention??

3/ Six Feet Under - a completely satisfying ending to a great tv show - allowed us to see the future of every character in an understated manner - best episode of the last season

4/ The Sopranos - perhaps the most debated series finale in tv history, I love the ambiguity and atmosphere of the final episode in the series that made cable tv

5/ The Office (UK version) - better than its American counterpart, this amazing short-run series ended with one of its most cringe-inducing episodes - and it was a Christmas special as well!

6/ Arrested Development - the finale was actually spread over four episodes and broadcast against the opening ceremonies of the 2006 Winter Olympics - a sad end for a great show, but the episodes were some of the clever series' smartest

7/ The Fugitive - will Dr. Kimble finally catch the one-armed man? - more than 30 million tuned into find out in the excellent conclusion to a highly influential series - perhaps the first truly great series finale

8/ The Shield - an absolute stunner of an ending to one of the most underrated shows of television's second golden era - brutal and unflinching, the show went out as it came in, shocking and captivating, this series never once followed a formula; it made up its own

9/ M*A*S*H* - the most watched tv episode in history, more than 100 million people tuned in to see the closer for the legendary show - the episode itself is a bit disappointing, ending with melancholy rather than a laugh

10/ The Tonight Show - yes, it's technically still on the air, but let's be real, the magic that was this show ended on May 22, 1992 when Johnny said goodbye - the finale was actually spread out over a week with the famous Bette Midler/Robin Williams appearances occurring on the penultimate show - 50 million watched the finale, the largest audience in late night tv history

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