Mio on the Down-Lo: Stuck Up North

Mio Adilman

After a film fest and an interactive conference, the South By Southwest juggernaut climaxes this week in Austin with the annual music showcase. But if the following portals, like TWITMATIC, deliver on their promise, then those of us in the North Pole can keep tabs too. The bands start today so it might take 24 hours for the music vids to overtake the existing movie trailers.

More SXSW links after the jump plus other links for those who don't care about SXSW...

USTREAM says they are live streaming select shows and events from the Belmont lounge.

While Twitmatic searches for SXSW posts on Twitter, VIDDLER is hosting its own portal for videos (that you can upload to) from the event.

Okay...music aside...here are some other things:

Ever been warned about feeding chocolate to a dog, that a mere lick of the stuff will instantly kill Rover? I have. And I now can't be in the same room with a dog if there is also a candy bar present. But, apparently, certain dogs can actually stomach the stuff. Here is a flash chart with the VITAL STATS.

Rainn Wilson, the dude from TV's The Office, recently launched SOUL PANCAKE, a site where spirituality is explored through art and creativity. Wilson follows the Baha'i faith which supposedly considers the making of art akin to prayer.

And non-imbibing Penn Jillette, half of the magician duo Penn and Teller, rants in favour of marijuana on his PENN SAYS blog.


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