Mio on the Down-Lo: Not So Lonely Island

Mio Adilman

While the Lonely Island and Flight of the Conchord guys revive the popularity of funny songs, Dustin McLean takes music video satire in a new direction on his FUNNYORDIE.COM page. This is the link to a Red Hot Chili Peppers send up, part of his LITERAL MUSIC VIDEOS series...more stuff after the jump...

For more Literal Music Videos, go to DUST FILMS where you will find brand new lyrics to videos by Tears for Fears, A-ha, and Billy Idol.

Given the current financial sitchyation, these GREAT DEPRESSION RECIPES from 93-year-old Clara might not seem so unappetizing. She shares kitchen budget survival tactics employed by her family during the 1930s.

We've often heard it was Brian Wilson's overbearing father Murray who sent the Beach Boy into a decades-long spiral of depression. Now you can hear a little bit of what it was like BRIAN VS. MURRAY
in the recording studio. Fascinating and a little sad.

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