Mio on the Down-Lo: I Heart You...baby

Mio Adilman

I was never a big fan of Valentine's Day until I realized that expressing love on that day can lead to making love on the night of that day and I am a big fan of making love so...you get the idea.

After the jump, links to the love stuff we were conversating about on the DL...(I want to hear what you think are some good outdoor bumping spots across the country, see link 2 for more info)

MAKE LOVE NOT PORN is a, ahem, provocative look at the myths of sex as portrayed in pornography compared to the realities of real sex. Tittilating for sure but more likely to expand your mind, it was started by a New York-based woman of a certain age who got tired of sleeping with younger men whose sexual prowess (or lack of) was informed almost solely by watching porno. It aims to educate.

I am fascinated by people who are uninhibited enough to have sex outdoors. For those people, I present OUTDOOR LOVE MAP. It is a user generated worldwide mapping system for good places to have sex outdoors. Since launching last summer it has been slow to grow. I guess outdoor enthusiasts have suddenly become shy about their garden variety exploits. But there are two Canadian listings. If you post your flag on the map you can also write a brief remembrance of the event or a description outlining why it is a good spot.

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