Jesse Wente's Top Ten Shows from TV's Second Golden Era

Jesse Wente Q's Screenboy Jesse Wente says the end of TV's second golden era is nigh. So it's time to look back at the best TV had to offer in its second great age. And to open the doors to the ever-passionate feedback from you. Let the debate begin!


1/ The Sopranos - the show that started this period and elevated tv along with it

2/ The Wire - along with The Sopranos, no show has been more important or better in the past decade

3/ Battlestar Galactica - the show that helped return tv sci-fi to its roots - smart, beautiful and poignant - tv at its best - I can't wait for the new episodes, but I also know I won't want this series to end

4/ Deadwood - profane, funny and deliciously nasty, this neo-Western never received the support it deserved - a wonder on DVD

5/ Six Feet Under - one of the weirder shows to emerge from this era, it was innovative and compelling drama

6/ Arrested Development - a show that ended all too soon - the best comedy to come out of the 2nd GA - here's hoping the movie rumours are true

7/ Entourage - All hail Ari! Seriously, this show is wicked fun, and found itself again this past season

8/ The West Wing - I miss this show, which helped bring intellectual content back to network television

9/ 24 - the first season is remarkable, addictive tv, and while it's dipped in recent seasons, its return this month is a welcome one

10/ Survivor - Don't pretend you didn't watch the first, amazing season - the reality show that started it all

Other great Second Golden Age of Television shows: Curb Your Enthusiasm, Lost, Desperate Housewives, Gilmore Girls, The Shield, OZ, The Office

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