Jesse Wente on Canada's Top Ten Films of 2008

Jesse Wente Q's Screenboy Jesse Wente offers his take on Canada's Top Ten Films of 2008 as determined by the Toronto International Film Festival Group and its panel of professionals. Did any of your favourites get left off the list? Did these films meet your expectations? Do you think it has been a good year for Canadian film where audiences are concerned?

Jesse Wente's comments on CANADA'S TOP TEN FILMS OF 2008:

Adoration - a very ambitious and challenging film from Atom Egoyan that reminds me a lot of his early work and reminds you why he was one of Canada's most important directors

Ce qu'il faut pour vivre (The Necessities of Life) - Canada's official Oscar entry is a powerful and emotional period drama with an amazing central performance by Natar Ungalaaq

Heaven on Earth - Deepa Mehta's emotionally charged family drama is beautifully realized with some of the year's most intense scenes

Lost Song - this movie still touches me, and I've seen it several times at this point - director Rodrigue Jean delivers his greatest film, and gets brilliant performances from his cast - a must see

Pontypool - Bruce McDonald's take on a zombie movie is one of the year's most inventive and thrilling films - a must see for any zombie fan, and fans of anything cool - plus Stephen McHattie rules in this movie

C'est pas moi, je le jure! (It's not me I swear!) - Philippe Falardeau's funny and thoughtful film about the world's worst 10 year old is one of the year's best and places Falardeau among Canada's finest filmmakers

Maman est ches le coiffeur (Mommy is at the Hairdresser's) - Lea Pool's moving drama is one of several Quebec films set in the sixties, where family turmoil reflects the political atmosphere of the times, another excellent film from one of Canada's master filmmakers

La memoires des anges (The Memories of Angels) - the only "doc" on this list is a stunning montage film made from 120 excerpts from National Film Board movies, which are edited together to paint a portrait of Montreal, and the history of cinema in Canada - an amazing achievement

50 Dead Men Walking - an engrossing and gritty thriller about the IRA directed by Kari Skogland, edge-of-your-seat stuff

Before Tomorrow - the movie on this list that means the most to me personally, this is one of the best movies of any year and any country - completes the trilogy that began with Atanarjuat: The Fast Runner and The Journals of Knud Rasmussen - the story behind its creation is nearly as amazing as the film itself as it was made by a collective of women filmmakers in the North - a beautiful and haunting film about the end of the world - don't miss it

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