Mio on the Down-Lo: Learning to Pronunciate

Mio Adilman

That Matt Galloway is a really nice guy. He's a good listener. He was very gracious. He made me feel comfortable. He's familiar with the Internet. And he showed genuine interest in today's Down-Lo. He didn't dismiss my offering out of hand like some other (cough) host might have done last week.

To learn more about pronunciation web site FORVO and to learn how to turn your IPhone into a flute, click ahead.

FORVO is a pretty awesome, rapidly expanding new site that helps you pronounce words in just about any language. Pronunciations are solicited and provided by every day visitors to the site and can be streamed live online or downloaded for later use.

If you disagree with a pronunciation or have a different regional variation, Forvo allows for multiple pronunciations of the same word. As I mentioned on the air, I have uploaded my pronunciation of "Jian Ghomeshi" to the site. It would be pretty funny if more of you did the same and we could compare Ghomeshis. I also posted it in the Farsi section because I would like to hear the native pronunciation.

IPHONE AS FLUTE - Part of the monster appeal of the recent-to-Canada IPhone has to do with all the applications that you can add to the device. Ocarina is an app that turns your IPhone into a flute. The program turns your touch pad into four flute holes and you apparently blow into the top of the phone to create the sound. This is a video of some IPhone flautists performing Stairway to Heaven.

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