Mio on the Down-Lo: Old People Fashion

Mio Adilman

I am really tired after last night's Obama-thon so I'm just going to post some links
for you to enjoy on the Down-Lo.
None of this stuff is groundbreaking. Just a little something to help you de-serious yourself
after all the politics....

ADVANCEDSTYLE - You gotta feel for the old folks. One minute young people are making fun of their sense of fashion, the next minute they are copying them with vintage updates. I'm getting to the age where I'm in danger of looking like I dress 10 years out of date yet also close to the age where I might get ridiculed for being an older guy trying to dress like "the kids these days". I think there's nothing better on a fall day than an old guy (I mean 70 plus) who dresses like an old guy. Old guy fashion is where it's at. And if you think so too, go to ADVANCEDSTYLE.BLOGSPOT.COM. It's a man-in-the-street fashion photo blog popularized by The Sartorialist but turns the now ubiquitous format on its head with only shots of grandpas and grandmas. And they take submissions so if you have a fetching bubbie take her picture and send it in.

ACAPELLATHRILLER - Some crazy guy from France named Francois Macre has uploaded an unbelievable a capella version of Michael Jackson's Thriller to the web. It took him 350 hours and he used 64 audio channels, all of him making vocal noises or singing. It is crazy. And I don't think Jian was suitably impressed by this.

HOMEMADEBEYONCE - Some equally crazy guy has re-created the video to Beyonce's Single Ladies (Put a Ring on it) dance step by dance step. It is truly awesome and features many comments that say "work" or "work it girl". He also manages to wear less clothing than Beyonce. I love it when average people get inspired to do this sort of thing. WORK IT.

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