Cats or dogs?

That's right, it's a Q smackdown in the making. Cats vs dogs. Today on the show we took a look at an intiative to "re-brand the cat" -- because, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association, cats get short shrift compared to dogs when it comes to health care. And that has to do with their image as independent self-starters. Given the massive popularity of cats in our culture right now, though -- one need only to check out the Internet phenomenon of LOLcats for proof -- Aren't cats actually at the top of their game? Isn't their cultural invasion complete?

Which do you think fares better in popular culture -- cats or dogs? Is it possible to "re-brand" the image of an animal? Are websites that star cats in outfits and doing strange things cute or cruel? Will you dress up your cat or dog for Halloween?

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