Mio on the Down-Lo: Mail Goggles

Mio Adilman

Jian was a little choked up today on the Down-Lo due to my outfit. I was on my way to a Halloween luncheon and had to get my make-up done before Q. What I wasn't prepared for was the terrified reaction from the Q producers who en masse actually screamed and recoiled from me when I entered the Q studio. I thought clowns were loveable guys.
Anyway, check out me in my clown picture after the jump, plus a little about Mail Goggles and some extra Halloween links...

If you know what drunk dialing is then you will appreciate MAIL GOGGLES. Drunk emailing is drunk dialing's evil new cousin in this digital age. People nurse a few drinks while nursing a few resentments, get home a little sloshed, full of liquid courage and fire off an ill advised message to a boss, nemesis or estranged relative. This unfortunate social phenomenon can now be avoided if you have a GMAIL email account.

Go into your Gmail Settings and enable the Mail Goggles option. Then, when you try to send an email, before it can go, Gmail asks you to answer 5 math questions in one minute. You can choose the hours of the day when this feature appears and choose the degree of difficulty of the questions. If you do not answer correctly, then the email doesn't get sent and the idea is that this pause allows you to reconsider what you have written and thus avoid unpleasant situations. The only people this feature would not help are people who are still able to do somewhat difficult math while inebriated.

Okay, now for a couple quick links to some interesting Halloween fare:

SURVIVETHEOUTBREAK is an interactive movie about an outbreak of something sinister that is turning people into zombies. At the end of every chapter you are asked to decide the next step of the plot. If you make the wrong choice, you die (but you are allowed to go back and correct the decision so can finish the movie).

INTERNETZOMBIEMOVIE is a site dedicated to the fascinating odyssey of British Youtube celeb Bryony who is desperately trying to finish a DIY online zombie movie with help from the international web community. Her project has attracted tons of help and also a BBC documentary crew who are chronicling the process online. But the massive attraction has also created problems and it will be interesting to see if she can reach her goal of this Friday.

SINGINGZOMBIES is a Youtube video by Ottawa puppeteer Matt Ficner. It features graveyard zombies singing along to Dust in the Wind by Kansas. Some of his other videos are not so funny.

Now, here is me as a clown:

Clown Mio One

Clown Mio Two

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