Screenboy Jesse Wente's Top Ten Election Movies

Jesse Wente

In honour of our national trip to the polls, Q's screenboy Jesse Wente has assembled his picks for...


1/ The War Room - amazingly revealing documentary about Bill Clinton's first presidential campaign - no candidate would let this happen now

2/ Election - Alexander Payne's hilarious and insightful comedy about a high school election, Reese Witherspoon at her finest

3/ Election - same name, very different movie - Hong Kong legend Johnnie To's remarkable gangster epic about the election of a new Triad Chairman - the Hong Kong "Godfather"

4/ Nashville - Robert Altman's sprawling masterpiece features an election as its backdrop even though we never actually see the candidate

5/ Bob Roberts - Tim Robbins stars in this overwhelmingly cynical portrait of American politics and media manipulation

6/ Napoleon Dynamite - Vote Pedro! - just don't wear one of those t-shirts - that's so 2005

7/ The Candidate - Michael Ritchie's amazing and hilarious look at political idealism and its corruption - Robert Redford is fabulous as an idealist lawyer who runs for office not expecting to win, and then does

8/ Street Fight - captivating documentary about the 2002 mayoral election in Newark New Jersey

9/ Mr. Smith Goes to Washington/Billy Jack Goes to Washington - can't leave off Capra's classic, but have to include Tom Laughlin's laughable and totally awesome remake - it's got politics and kung fu!

10/ Bulworth - Warren Beatty plays a disillusioned Senator running for reelection who puts a hit out himself and starts actually telling the truth - sarcastic and cynical, but surprisingly insightful

Don't forget: Primary Colors, The Contender, Dave, Wag the Dog

Add your favourite election movie to the list.

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