Your Top Ten Alternative Film List!

Oh you know them. You may have brushed shoulders with one at an indie rental place. You may even BE one. A film buff. A cinephile... A new book pokes fun at this condition and its prime symptom -- the making of top-ten lists. Such as say ... The top 10 Gratuitous Machine Gun Frenzies. The 10 Dodgiest Decisions of the Cannes Film Festival... 10 Great Acting Turns by Rock Stars... Or the very meta -- 10 Great Films Watched By Characters in Great Films.

In honour of Canada's official film-festival season -- we spoke with Richard T. Kelly, the editor of 10 Bad Dates With De Niro, about the obsessiveness that film can inspire. But we couldn't let a topic like this go by without appealing to YOUR obsessiveness. (Contest alert!)

Please post your wildest top ten alternative movies lists right here. The most obsessive and insightful list will get a mention on the show and its crafter will get a copy of Richard T. Kelly's book. Let the debates begin!

(If you're looking for inspiration, you can check out the interview with Richard T. Kelly on our podcast, here. And please note, as this is a moderated blog, postings can only be approved Monday to Friday during office hours.)

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