Chef From Hell

While Canada is blessed with a multi-ethnic culinary fusion, and therefore lots of interesting ingredients with which to work, we don't have a prominent culinary presence on the world stage. Such was the observation on the state of Canadian cuisine from Hell's Kitchen Chef Gordon Ramsay on Q.

Do you agree? Has Canada yet to find itself when it comes to our food? What's your favourite Canadian dish? (Recipes welcome.)

Chef Ramsay observed that the Canada experience mirrors the one the UK underwent some 20 years earlier. He estimates a 10-15 year period in Canada's gastronomic evolution before the country is able to implement a proper Canadian cuisine that will resonate internationally. Chef Ramsey stressed simply prepared food, drawn from tradition, with seasonal, locally sourced, top-quality ingredients towards that end.

What could Canada do to develop a better reputation for culinary excellence on the world stage?

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