Everyday Sexism | "Crackstarter" debate | End of evangelicals?


U.K. writer Laura Bates, founder of the site Everyday Sexism -- which gives women from around the world a place to express personal experiences of gender bias  -- explains the pressure that she and her contributors are putting on advertisers to remove ads on Facebook pages involving violence against women. Q debate: is it ever okay for journalists to pay sources? Gawker editor John Cook defends his website's choice to start the crowd-sourced "Crackstarter" fund to release the video purporting to show Toronto Mayor Rob Ford engaged in drug use. Jeffrey Dvorkin, former news head of both NPR and CBC, argues against. Senior pastor and author John S. Dickerson on the dramatic decline of evangelicalism in North America, which he argues comes from the lack of major evangelical role models, combined with recent social movements.

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