Ouch! Drake disses Guelph in new track Yawnsville


GUELPH, ON—It’s always exciting to hear your hometown mentioned in a song. But the people of Guelph, Ontario are decidedly unhappy with the way hip hop superstar Drake characterizes their city in his latest single, the unflattering Yawnsville.

Released to fans this morning as an online surprise, the 6 God uses the song to attack Guelph for being, among other things, “Boring, boring/A place to do some snoring.”

It is unknown what has prompted Drake to lash out at Guelph, but the city is certainly smarting.

“Drake is clearly upset with us, and it hurts,” says Guelph Mayor Cam Guthrie. “I’m proud of my city and the hard-working people of Guelph. I’d like to invite Drake to City Hall, serve him a nice meal and see if we can’t work out our differences.”

In one of the song’s most controversial lines, Drake attacks Guelph for being “simple, silly, and full of shit.”

“I’ve lived here all my life,” says Mayor Guthrie. “And I just don’t think what he’s saying is true. Either way, our reputation is in tatters and we don’t know why.”

At another point in the song, Drake compares Guelph to other cities and finds it wanting:

NYC is better, so is LA,
If you’re considering Guelph, please stay away,
Paris and London got it goin’ on,
Never go to Guelph, the city’s a yawn.

Will we ever learn the source of Drake’s beef with Guelph? It seems unlikely. We reached out to Drake’s publicists, who declined to comment. In the meantime, Yawnsville continues its meteoric climb to the top of the Billboard charts.

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