The return of the Manning brothers rap

Peyton Manning and Eli Manning (and Archie, too!). Last year the QB brothers treated American Football fans the world over to their rap skills with F.O.Y.P (football on your phone) for a DirecTV commercial and for the 2014 season they've gone one further. The rapping skills are back, and this time there's autotune! Behold: Fantasy Football Fantasy

Hey, who knew they could act? It's good they've got something to fall back on when their football careers are over because they'll need to find a new source of income. It's also good to see that Eli can poke fun at himself, because he'll have to be able to laugh if he's anywhere near as bad as he was last season.

As if the fun isn't enough, the song is educational too. During a sequence when Eli flies to space, we find out there's no sound in space:

"Fly up into space but the music drops out ‘cause there’s no sound in space."

Thank you, Manning family. Although we're not sure they'll ever be the same again after seeing Joe Namath fondle Mama Manning.

Is it just us that actually really likes this song?

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