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Food, glorious food

The end of the season has arrived and the last episode is on FOOD. So who doesn’t love food eh?

It’s hard to say which part of filming this show I enjoyed most. Was it going to a brewery that adheres to the strict Bavarian brewing laws of 1516 to see how the purists make high quality pilsner beer? (did I sample the beer? Nah…you know me, I don’t like beer…) Or was it going to an amazing gourmet restaurant that melds technology and fine food and drink on edible menus? No, maybe it was cooking steak, baking bread and spinning cotton candy. “How do I love thee, let me count the ways.”

OK, it wouldn’t be Project X if it didn’t have me doing something humiliating on camera. This week we dressed in ridiculously revealing caveman outfits and dined on Fred Flintstone sized dino-drumsticks. I hope they get the computer graphics right on the old loincloth scenes or I’ll they’ll be cancelling my country club membership in no time.

Now as for the content of the show, this was a pretty light engineering week. Most people know how yeast works both for bread and beer so we went through that pretty quick. The real trick was to squeeze all the neat stuff we saw in Chicago into the time allotted. That’s because we were in the presence of some pretty crazy chefs down there who call themselves “molecular gastronomists”.

These molecular gastronomists ply their trade in a restaurant called “Moto” where they will do about anything to food to surprise you and take what you expect about food and turn it around. That includes edible menus, “printable food” and using lots of lasers, torches and liquid nitrogen to whip of some stuff. It was comforting to know that not just engineering like to play with things from a hardware store.

Now the day we were there at Moto, the lads were slaughtering a turkey on site for some culinary adventure, but for some reason only Jenn and Brian Alters get to kill animals on TV, so we didn’t film that. By the way, Brian Alters goes that extra mile to gross you out in this episode: the super-reducing power of vulture barf gets discussed (disgust?) in great detail. Bon appétit!

Now you’ll notice they get a little excited about the cartoons and graphics in this episode, which is good for a laugh, especially when the cartoon version of Jenn walks on the screen! What a way to end the season!!!