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You are at a large party hosted by someone you do not know very well. In need of a phone, you wander into the master bedroom. You lift the receiver to your ear and realize that it is already in use. Over the line you hear two people speaking. There is a story being told, and you know that you should not be listening in yet you are mesmerized, unable to put the phone down. Each week, WireTap brings you that thrill. Host Jonathan Goldstein invites you to tune in and eavesdrop as he talks over the phone with some of the country's best storytellers. Sometimes he catches them on their cell phones making late-night trips to the emergency room, sometimes he finds them at home on a Sunday afternoon, flipping TV stations with Mexican take-out on their lap. Whether funny or emotional, their stories are guaranteed to keep you engaged. Each episode swings back and forth between Goldstein's monologues and phone chats, and it all plays out to a moody, ambient soundtrack.

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  • Drama

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