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War is Not a Game

War Is Not a Game is a documentary based on the experiences of eight soldiers at war on several continents. Lode Desmet reveals their helplessness in regard to the many international agreements aimed at regulating armed conflict, which they have been supposed to apply on the battlefield since the first Geneva Convention was signed in 1864. Some of them feel like scapegoats, while others feel no qualms about war and simply follow orders. The film looks at the international treaties ratified up to the present by our governments and assesses what these choices imply for the human race. We are reminded that there are still eighty-three countries in the world that do not recognize the International Criminal Court at The Hague. By juxtaposing testimony on a planetary scale with war archives, film clips and video games, Lode Desmet challenges our attitudes to war and its consequences for all the world’ citizens and for the combatants who have to wage it.

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