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Time Tremors (HD)

Time Tremors is a cross platform game where mobile apps, web hunting and a live-action TV series reveal an amazing mystery. After the disappearance of their parents, Max and Medie Reno are sent to the mysterious Ranksome Academy, a peculiar private school situated on a Time Tremor - a fault-line running through time and space. The siblings soon discover that they are the descendants of Timekeepers - beings who used the fabled Celestial Atlas to travel the space-time continuum protecting the Universe

from anomalies, paradoxes and ruptures in time. When the Celestial Atlas was stolen by the villainous Miss Bugly, the Timekeepers dispersed the Time Treasures that are the source of its great power -- the only thing they could do to stop this menace from conquering the Universe. Now Max and Medie need help to collect the incredible Time Treasures and defeat the greatest force of evil in the Universe.

(High Definition where available)

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  • Kids

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