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The Ron James Show: New Year's Eve Edition (HD)

The Ron James New Year's Eve Special is back and one of the country's favourite annual traditions continues with "Canada's Comedian" sending 2012 off in style! As all of us successfully head into 2013, Ron vows "never to listen to a Mayan again" and makes a few startling predictions of his own for the year ahead. The Royal Family has been especially 'visible' in 2012 and in her annual message to the Queen, Aunt Vivien isn't afraid to tell the naked truth. With nothing (or no one) left to eat, Sir John Franklin finally tells his last remaining crew member just why their expedition will continue to live on in our imaginations. Ron plays a man surprised to learn he’ll face hard time if he has a hard time keeping his New Year's resolution. Conservative Radio show host (and new recurring 'Ron James Show' character) Buell Crawford gets hot under the collar over all this climate change baloney. And back in 1967 coal town Cape Breton, fan favourite L'il Ronnie resolves never to let Cousin Becky trick him again... but his resolution may be as doomed as the rest of ours! And when a couple's left-leaning friends all mysteriously turn Tory after a strange comet lands, something just doesn't seem right in 'Night of the Young Conservatives'.

Special guests include: Linda Kash, Patrick McKenna, Raoul Bhaneja & Lauren Ash.

(High Definition where available)

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  • Special
  • Comedy

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