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The Mighty Jungle (HD) (DV)

The Mighty Jungle (HD) (DV)

The Mighty Jungle is a puppet show for preschoolers and inspired by preschoolers. In each episode, a group of children gathers to play and make up stories in a daycare room, with jungle-themed décor, and some plush animal toys. The toys they focus their attention on are: a meerkat named Babu, a gorilla named Bruce and a rhino named Rhonda. Out of their play, a puppet story is acted out in The Mighty Jungle, starring these three main characters, and their jungle friends. All the characters that the friends come in contact with, the situations that they find themselves in, and the mayhem that ensues are created or inspired by the kids' imagination.

(High Definition where available) (Described Video)

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  • Preschool

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